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Mysara (b.1993) is a Singaporean creative, writer, and researcher.

With a background in communications and journalism, she was previously a journalist and documentary producer and is currently pursuing her Masters with the Malay Studies department in NUS. Her current research looks at the formation of identity through state narratives of nation-building that cuts across race, class, and gender.

Her works, based on personal experiences and research, explore and reimagine dominant narratives through different mediums. Working on the intersections of art and academia, she also explores the politics of space and power structures in the process of narrative making.

She has also worked with various institutions such as the Centre for Research on Islamic and Malay Affairs (RIMA), Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) and The Institute of Policy Studies (IPS).

She has also showcased and performed at Objectifs, The Substation and ArtScience Museum, and her writings have been published in “Growing Up Perempuan”, “Budi Kritik” and “Karyawan”. She was also a jury on the 2021 National Youth Film Awards and has been a speaker on various panel discussions on art and activism such as for Yale-NUS’s Diversity Week and SG Climate Rally’s digital festival, “Activism In Crisis”.

She is also a film educator and has conducted script-writing workshops and worked on different client based projects with agencies.

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