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Collaborations & Exhibitions


Siapa Nama Kamu? for Matter of Absence (ADM Grad Show 2019)

Sikit Sikit Lama Lama Jadi Bukit / Make A Mountain Of A Molehill

Here and Now: Arabs in Singapore exhibition (Arts House)

Objectifs: Women in Film - Remedy for Rage



The Sun Rises in Molten Gold (Contemplation/Reclamation) @ Art Science Museum

Brown is Haram (Septfest 2020) @  The Substation

D14: 7 Kali Bah (collaboration with P7:1SMA)


Brown is Haram (The Second Rendition) @ The Substation

Published written work

2019   Teaching ‘feel-good’ Islam: Toxic Positivity & Silencing the Oppressed

2020   GE2020: "Hello, I am not your model minority."


Talks / Panels / Programmes / Workshops


The Substation ​Concerned Citizen's Programme

A Weekend Affair x Mysara Aljaru: Flirting Between Bodies and Notions

Reel Talk l Gubra: Image of  the Malay women in film @Gerakbudaya KL

Bras Basah Open - The Camera & Violence



Racial Justice in Singapore: Imaginations in Art, Yale-NUS Diversity Week

Reframe or Be Framed: Countering Dominant Narratives - Activism in Crisis


'Brown is Haram' screening with New Naratif

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